Bottleless Water Coolers:   Economical, Ecofriendly Office Water Cooler Service for Toronto & GTA

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Water Cooler Professionals:
Your Service Advantage

AQUARIAN's professionalism and service guarantee are your service advantage.  We are just a phone call away and a person will always answer your call during regular office hours.

Filtered water cooler specialists since 1989.  First in Toronto, the GTA, & Durham Region. Our expert knowledge and years of experience with bottleless water coolers and filtered drinking water systems are your service advantage.

24 hr Service Turnaround.  Prompt service calls that minimize disruptions are your service advantage.

Preventive maintenance.  Scheduled computerized service visits that ensure peak water cooler performance and clean great tasting water year-round are your service advantage.

Quality parts and equipment.  We proudly support Canadian and North American parts and suppliers.  Our POU water coolers and water fountains, with the best service records in the industry, are your service advantage.

Fast, painless installations are your service advantage.  Our bottleless water coolers & dispensers can be conveniently located anywhere in your office, industrial, retail, manufacturing or warehousing workplace.

Tailor made solutions  that meet your needs and exceed expectations are your service advantage. Floor model, countertop, under sink, and reverse osmosis water filtration options available.

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No Bottles
Great Tasting Water

AQUARIAN has never been in the bottled water or bottled water cooler business.

Years later, with environmental concerns (up to 60% of bottled water plastics go to landfill), growing hygiene concerns, and rising gas and oil prices, the decision seems visionary!  Why pay to move bottled water across the country when with a little thought, preparation, and technology, you can have an unlimited supply of great tasting healthy water at lower cost right from source?

AQUARIAN point of use water coolers provide the economical, sustainable, and environmentally responsible answer to plastic bottles and bottled water delivery.

The Better Office Water Cooler Service

Energy Star

AQUARIAN welcomes the chance to introduce you to our cost effective, environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional office water coolers.  By switching to our filtered water coolers & dispensers you get great tasting healthy drinking water at a cost savings of 50% - 75% over bottled water, water delivery services!  Quarterly fixed, flat pricing.  Service plan included.  No hidden costs.  You will save money, save headaches, and "save the planet", one plastic bottle at a time.

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Water made Perfect